Company Profile

Aspace Estate Agents was established in North Sydney in 2003. Principal Julie Hilder has been active in the Commercial Property Market in North Sydney, Crows Nest and St Leonards since May 1998 and has successfully concluded literally hundreds of transactions since that time.

Aspace Estate Agents specialise in the smaller 0-500sqm size range and specifically in the Commercial Strata Market and Private Owner Buildings. This is unlike nearly all of the other Commercial Agencies who tend to concentrate on the Institutional Buildings.

Because we choose to specialize in this area of the market, Aspace Estate Agents has a superior understanding of both the Owners and their properties as well as the requirements of the Tenants/Buyers that are attracted to this area of the market.

In a strong market, Institutions and the Agents that generally deal with them do not need to attract the smaller sub 500sqm tenants. It’s only in a weaker market that they choose to deal with them in order to fill their properties. Aspace is a constant in this market and whether we are working in a strong or weak market we continually deal in the same size range so that our knowledge is consistent and ongoing.

In this ever changing world, you need an Agent who is able to not only read the market and advise you as to the exact conditions and how they affect your property but also one who is able to re-act quickly to any change in the market. Regardless of what the market conditions may be, you need an Agent who is able to correctly advise you as to the best possible course of action within a nominate time frame and the ability to deliver on this advice.