Make a Small Office Look Spacious As Well As Functional

Just because you have a small office, this doesn’t mean that it needs to look cramped and uninspiring.


Simple “tricks” can be used to make the Property appear more open and therefore more spacious.


Here are our 5 Tips for making the most of a small office:

  1. Paint the walls white – my current favourite white is Dulux White on White which is a bright cool white that works well in offices.
  2. Run bench style desks around the perimeter of the office to create an open area in the middle of the office. In this way you will be able to accommodate more desks in the space and still keep it looking open.
  3. Choose desks that are slightly narrower than the traditional desks. I go for 60cm wide desks (rather than the usual 75cm desks).
  4. Keep the desk tops, filing cabinets and shelving all in the same colour as the walls (white) as this will minimise the visual impact of the furniture.
  5. Make a bold statement only on 1 wall. Whole wall painted in a bright red with a large corporate logo / a graffiti wall / a selection of framed artwork all on 1 wall. This will give impact and interest rather than having small bits and pieces dotted all over the office.


Make your office a fun and interesting place to work (even though it may be a bit on the small side!).